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Ad Tracking & Reporting

Veeplay supports both server-side ad reporting (where Veeplay tracks the ad and sends beacons from our content servers directly) or client-side tracking (the Veeplay HTML, iOS or Android player tracks the ad and sends beacons from the user's device).

Server-side Reporting#

Veeplay defaults to server-side reporting. With server-side reporting, when the player requests an ad URL from the manifest, the service reports ad consumption directly to the ad tracking URL. After the player initializes a playback session with Veeplay, no further input is required from the player to perform server-side reporting. As each ad is played back, Veeplay sends VAST-compatible beacons to the ad server to report how much of the ad has been viewed (start of the ad as well as the ad progression in quartiles: the first quartile, midpoint, third quartile, and ad completion).

To perform server-side ad reporting, simply playback your HLS/DASH stream using any compatible player. When the player requests playback from an ad segment URL (/v1/segment path), Veeplay sends the appropriate beacon to the ad server through the ad tracking URLs.

Client-side Reporting#

Configuring the front-end Veeplay player SDKs to work with SSAI URLs only entails specifying a unit manager when defining the main content. Snippets for programatic as well as JSON configuration methods are outlined below.

Veeplay SDK JSON configuration#

"content": [
"manager": "veeplay-ssai-client",
"url": "<SSAI-URL>",
"autoplay": true,
"controls": {
"components": [

Veeplay SDK for Android configuration#

APSMediaUnit ssaiUnit = new APSMediaUnit();
ssaiUnit.url = "<SSAI_URL>";
ssaiUnit.manager = SsaiClient.managerIdentifier;
ArrayList<APSMediaEvent> mediaUnits = new ArrayList<>();

Veeplay SDK for iOS configuration#

APSMediaUnit *ssaiUnit = [[APSMediaUnit alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"<SSAI_URL>"]];
ssaiUnit.managerType = APSSSAIClientType;
[[APSMediaPlayer sharedInstance] playMediaUnits:@[ssaiUnit]];
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